Hazards Register

We have a number of recognised hazards.  Users of the clubhouse and its environment are asked to take care with the following:

  • Algal Bloom - The HYC has a three-tier response to algal bloom conditions based on the Ministry for the Environment Guidelines. The Risk Management Plan is available in the clubhouse and online.
  • Wet Floors - Sailors in wet gear can create slippery surfaces on our changing room and clubhouse floors.
  • Launching Ramps - The launching ramps can be very slippery.
  • Launching Patrol Boats - Access to the ramp is across the public walkway.  Ensure the safety of pedestrians by stationing lookouts around reversing vehicles.
  • Rigging Areas - Boats and their booms may move about suddenly, especially in windy conditions.
  • Small Children - The yacht club facilitates a water-based recreational environment. Small children must be supervised at all times in the club area.
  • Stairs - Take care on the stairs to the balcony viewing area.
  • Theft - Occasional thefts of gear left in the clubhouse and from cars in the parking area have occurred. Secure all valuables or leave them at home.