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HYC Sailing to recommence Sat 11th November 2023

The algal bloom (cyanobacteria) problems haven't gone away completely but the tests are better and the alert level has been lowered from red to amber. The health risk to sailors from exposure to the lake water is low, and can be made even lower with sensible simple risk management strategies. How the situation changes over the summer is not entirely predictable. HYC will communicate to members via this website, and the clubs Facebook page.

Based at Lake Rotoroa, the Hamilton Yacht Club sails several times a week and offers Round the Bouys racing, suitable for serious and casual sailors of all ages.

The club is active all year round but the emphasis is on summer sailing (October through April).

Regular club racing happens on most Wednesday evenings at 1800 hours and Saturday afternoons (13:30 before Christmas and 14:30 after Christmas).

The Learn to Sail programme occurs on Fridays from 1600 hours.

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22 Nov
Wednesday Evening Races back on 22/11/2023
7 Nov
HYC Sailing to recommence Sat 11th November
9 Oct
Lake Rotoroa remains closed 09/10/23
23 Sep
Working Bee and Ice Breaker Sail