Sailing at Orange

2 Dec

The risk of Covid 19 spread is greatest in crowded indoor environments, making sailing at HYC generally “safe”, except where we congregate together before and after racing. Our conclusion is that the most pragmatic was forward is as follows:

Vaccine Passes

  • My Vaccine Passes will be checked as a condition of entry to the club house. We will also take the opportunity to check membership status and enrolment into Friendly Manager (the club management software).

  • A Committee member will be stationed just inside the club house to check My Vaccine Passes and membership status. A laptop will be available to assist those who have yet to register on Friendly Manager, or you can do it on your cell phone. We will attempt to assist those who have yet to obtain a vaccine certificate.

  • Friendly Manager is developing the facility for members to upload their My Vaccine Passes as part of their membership record. While HYC will check My Vaccine Passes, we will not amend member records without members’ permission. Uploaded My Vaccine Passes will remain confidential.

  • Members who are not vaccinated, or who do not wish to declare their vaccination status, can sail in club races but will not have access to the club house. Sign-on and briefing will occur outside.

Signing in, Masks and Social Distancing

  • Masks and physical distancing are recommended, but not mandatory, inside.

  • We recommend you still sign in using your NZ Covid Tracer app.

  • Multi-handed sailing is now permitted irrespective of vaccine status, so the RS Quests can now be used. It will be up to the individuals sailing to determine the vaccination status of their crew mate.


HYC can, and may, amend this policy in future. For example, in a regatta environment, it may be pragmatic to permit vaccinated and non-vaccinated members to “mingle” in the club house, but there are more stringent requirements for this circumstance.

All New Zealand organisations are adapting to these new requirements. HYC intends to adapt too, and preserve its recreational environment for members. Adapting to what is going on around us is what sailors do, right?


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